Artiest Albumtitel Auteur Datum
Willard Grant Conspiracy Untethered Rein van den Berg 21 Oct 2018
Christian Kjellvander Wild Hxmans Rein van den Berg 20 Oct 2018
Sara Forslund Summer Is Like a Swallow Theo Volk 20 Oct 2018
Eric Bibb Global Griot Theo Volk 19 Oct 2018
Mary-Elaine Jenkins Hold Still Theo Volk 17 Oct 2018
Mirja Klippel River of Silver Theo Volk 14 Oct 2018
Malford Milligan & The Southern Aces Life Will Humble You Theo Volk 13 Oct 2018
Samuel Cajal Une Issue Theo Volk 12 Oct 2018
Jaimee Harris Red Rescue Theo Volk 10 Oct 2018
Laura Gibson Goners Theo Volk 9 Oct 2018
Edward David Anderson Chasing Butterflies Theo Volk 7 Oct 2018
Macy Gray Ruby Koos Gijsman 7 Oct 2018
Inge Thomson & Jenny Sturgeon Northern Flyway Theo Volk 6 Oct 2018
Town of Saints Celebrate Theo Volk 5 Oct 2018
Death Cab For Cutie Thank You For Today Koos Gijsman 5 Oct 2018
Minco Eggersman, Theodoor Borger & Mathias Eick Unifony Theo Volk 1 Oct 2018
Wynchester Wynchester Paul Heyblom 29 Sep 2018
Karine Polwart Laws of Motion Theo Volk 29 Sep 2018
John Smith Hummingbird Theo Volk 28 Sep 2018
Will Courtney Crazy Love Paul Heyblom 24 Sep 2018
The Innocence Mission Sun On The Square Koos Gijsman 24 Sep 2018
Eddi Reader Cavalier Theo Volk 23 Sep 2018
Layla Zoe Gemini Theo Volk 20 Sep 2018
Bokanté & Metropole Orkest What Heat Theo Volk 19 Sep 2018
The Circus In Flames Outside America Koos Gijsman 18 Sep 2018
Flip Noorman De Big One Theo Volk 16 Sep 2018
Colter Wall Songs of the Plains Rein van den Berg 15 Sep 2018
Nathan Bell Loves Bones & Stars Rein van den Berg 15 Sep 2018
Colin James Miles to Go Rein van den Berg 15 Sep 2018
The Whispering Tree Invisible Forces Theo Volk 14 Sep 2018
The Stryker Brothers Burn Band Paul Heyblom 13 Sep 2018
Gregory Alan Isakov Evening Machines Rein van den Berg 13 Sep 2018
The Jaydees Dandelions Theo Volk 13 Sep 2018
The Black Sorrows Citizen John Rein van den Berg 12 Sep 2018
Yorick van Norden Happy Hunting Ground Theo Volk 12 Sep 2018
Sokratis Sinopoulos Under The Rose Tree Koos Gijsman 11 Sep 2018
Etan Huijs The Secret Us Theo Volk 8 Sep 2018
The Breath Let the Cards Fall Theo Volk 7 Sep 2018
Mohead Son of the South Rein van den Berg 6 Sep 2018
B.J. Baartmans Verzamelaar Theo Volk 6 Sep 2018
Ryan Culwell the Last American Rein van den Berg 5 Sep 2018
Ryan Martin Gimme Some Light Rein van den Berg 4 Sep 2018
Kerri Powers Starseeds Rein van den Berg 2 Sep 2018
Yorick van Norden The Jester Theo Volk 2 Sep 2018
Malcolm Holcombe Come Hell or High Water Rein van den Berg 2 Sep 2018
Gretchen Peters Dancing With the Beast Ed Muitjens 1 Sep 2018
Dirty Grass Soul New Day Of Work Paul Heyblom 31 Aug 2018
Dawes Passwords Koos Gijsman 31 Aug 2018
Cedric Burnside Benton County Relic Theo Volk 31 Aug 2018
broeder Dieleman Komma Theo Volk 30 Aug 2018